AleEv, Inc. dba C5 Wireless
Your trusted accessory partner for over 18 years!

C5 Wireless is a leading provider of wireless accessories to dealers, distributors, retailers, agents, and airtime carriers throughout the USA and Canada. C5 Wireless is a manufacturer, distributor and warehousing company, we carry and have created a variety of products designed to appeal to the widest possible spectrum of buyers. We offer OEM products from most every major brand. Combine our OEM merchandise with our assortment of C5 branding items and you have, at any given time, over 3000 different items to choose from our product line. C5 has partnered and is an authorized distributor for numerous quality manufacturers including BodyGlove, BodyGuardz, Incipio, Otterbox, Smarteq and more! We are well positioned and represented within our industry.

We support our customers with a wide assortment of Value Added Services, including private labeled products, customized retail packaging, displays, sales training materials, stock rotation programs, direct-to-store drop shipping, warranty exchange services, direct fulfillment logistics with warehousing, and an e-commerce website which supports both B2B and B2C services. We also work with our customers to design customized services that work within the parameters of our customer’s business needs.

Our company was formed in 1996 and throughout the years, C5 Wireless has been an industry leader in offering innovative solutions with compelling products that have enhanced our customers’ businesses through sales growth and consumer satisfaction.  
With all of our customers, we abide by three rules in every engagement:
1). Be honest, genuine, and fair in all interactions with our partners, the high road is the only road we take.
2). Keep our programs/systems simple and easy to understand in order encourage adoption and use.
3). Respect the perspectives of our customers/partners; see the business from other points of view in order to truly build good solutions.

We feel that our customers are our greatest asset; therefore, we dedicate ourselves to developing meaningful relationships with our customers in order to help them meet their goals and objectives towards success.